General Information

Instructor(s) Pascal Amsili (main) ; Benjamin Spector
Place, time Tuesdays, 9:30-12:30 am. Starting Sept. 22. Site Saints-Pères, salle De Broglie D.
Code LING 102
Major Linguistics
Prerequisites Introduction to linguistics (but talk with the instructor(s)
Course taught in English
Teaching format On-site learning. Students who need to follow the class 100% online should contact the instructor as soon as possible.
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Schedule (tentative)

2020-09-22 Formal Language Theory slides
2020-09-29 Formal Language Theory
2020-10-06 Play with Formal Grammars
2020-10-13 Formal Complexity of Natural Language(s)
2020-10-20 Formal Complexity of Natural Language(s) (con'd)
2020-10-27 No class
2020-11-03 Propositional Logic
2020-11-10 Propositional & Trivalent Logic
2020-11-17 Predicate Logic
2020-11-24 Predicate Logic (cont'd)
2020-12-01 Predicate Logic (cont'd)
2020-12-08 Lambda-calculus
2020-12-15 Towards a NL fragment
2020-12-22 No class
2020-12-29 No class
2021-01-05 final exam

Contrôles (assessment)

Modalités There will be four homework assignments (worth 60% of the final grade) and a final exam (worth 40% of the final grade).
Homework #1
Homework #2
Homework #3
Homework #4

Pointers (references, bibliography, online resources)