Practical Information

Level: 2
Major(s): Linguistics
Semestre: S1, ECTS: 3
Prerequisites: Introduction to linguistics
Course taught in: English
Code: LING 102
Links: Cogmaster, syllabus, schoology


There will be four three homework assignments (worth 60% of the final grade) and a final paper exam (worth 40% of the final grade).
HomeWork #1 (10-08)due October, 21 Grammars Answers marks (instructions)
HomeWork #2 (10-15)due November, 5 Propositional Logic
HomeWork #3 (11-19)due December, 3 Predicate Logic


2019-09-24 Formal Language Theory slides, exercises
2019-10-01 Formal Language Theory (Formal Grammars) slides, exercises
2019-10-08 Play with Formal Grammars exercises, slides
2019-10-15 Propositional Logic (Class given by Benjamin Spector) hand-out
2019-10-15 Propositional & Trivalent Logic
(Class given by Benjamin Spector)
2019-10-29 No class
2019-11-05 Formal Complexity of Natural Language(s) slides
2019-11-12 Predicate Logic hand-out 1, hand-out 2,
2019-11-19 Predicate Logic (cont'd)
2019-11-26 Predicate Logic (cont'd)
2019-12-03 Lambda-calculus
2019-12-10 Towards a NL fragment slides
2019-12-17 Final Exam (2h)