Elements pertaining to PV (பிரயோக விவேகம்)

  1. Transliterated text of PV (பிரயோக விவேகம்) (Raw HTML text, in outdated format, put online on 2017/11/10)
  2. Transliterated text of PV (பிரயோக விவேகம்) (HTML file, Version 1c, 2017/11/11)
  3. PDF of photography of 1924 edition of PV (by Āṟumuka Nāvalar, 3rd edition) [SIZE: 10 Mb]
  4. PDF of photography of 1973 edition of PV (by Ti. Vē. Kōpālaiyar, Tañcai Caracuvati Makāl Veḷiyīṭu -- 147) [SIZE: 73 Mb]
  5. /Foreign models in Tamil grammar/ (1974 book by T. P. Meenakshisundaran [alias தெ.பொ.மீ.]) [SIZE: 7 Mb]
  6. GOTO main entry point