International Workshop on Identification and Delimitation of Events

7 mars 2014
Bâtiment Olympe de Gouges
8, Place Paul Ricoeur, 75013 Paris
Room 268

Workshop Program

9h20 Welcome to participants
9h30- 10h30 Event description and identification in Mawng and Iwaidja temporal and aspectual system
Patrick Caudal (Université Paris 7/ LLF)
11h00- 12h00 Weak and Strong Telicity via Maximization
Invited Speaker: Hana Filip (Universität Düsseldorf) slides pdf file
13h30- 14h00 Causal chains, aspect, and activities
Bridget Copley (Université Paris 8/ SFL) slides pdf file
14h00- 14h30 Event plurality and event identification in Karitiana
Ana L. Müller (Universidade de São Paulo) slides pdf file
14h45- 15h15 --ata nominalisations in a typological perspective
Lucia M. Tovena and Marta Donazzan (Université Paris 7) slides pdf file
15h15- 15h30 Event individuation, event delimitation, event description. Empirical and theoretical issues
Marta Donazzan and Lucia M. Tovena (Université Paris 7) slides pdf file
15h30- 16h00 Project meeting - organization of the activities for the first term

Workshop Organizers:

Lucia M. Tovena and Marta Donazzan
DelimitEvent, Fédération "Typologie et universaux du langage" (CNRS FR 2559)

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September 1, 2014
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